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thanks guys for 200 followers, I started this never even thinking about getting more than a couple because this is really just me sitting here when I see something I really like and putting it on here just to talk about it. knowing that 200 random people out there get my posts on their dash is pretty cool, and I’d have to say my next goal is to double it :) so you pretty much know who to follow if you like marvel and the avengers like me, js

in honor of shitty ol’ me, here is phase 1 told in gifs, the way it should be

So who’s caught Amazing Spidey 2? I know that he’s not technically a full time Avenger, but he’s a very valued reserve member of the Avengers and a member of the New Avengers. 

This movie, as a movie itself, was sort of a mixed bag for me. There was so much I loved and a little that I think could’ve been done better.

This movie, as a Spider-Man fan? Absolutely the best incarnation of Spider-Man in any movie ever made (sorry Sam, sorry Tobey.) It’s the most faithful to the comics, and Andrew Garfield KILLS it as Peter Parker/Spiderman. I could go on and on about this movie…

But just enjoy these sweet ass gifs in homage to one of the coolest heroes to ever be an Avenger!

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