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The following may contain SPOILERS for Avengers: Age of Ultron

So there have been rumors floating around about a possible event that occurs during the third act of the movie, now even though it’s only a rumor, if you’re potential spoiler sensitive, I’d stop reading now.

Okay, so rumor has it that in the 3rd act of aou, we see Hulk trapped on a space capable quin jet locked in for a deep space embargo. Now this is really fuckin interesting to me, because there are so many reasons why this could be happening.

At comic con a few weeks back, Mark Ruffalo told us that we’re going to be seeing a more angry, more violent hulk than we’ve ever seen before. Could his containment inside a deep space targeted quin jet be of his own doing because of the guilt and shame he feels because of the hulk? If so, it would be really cool to see where they go with it. Because despite the planet hulk rumors being consistently shot down, if the Hulk really IS going to be shot into space, that’s really the only storyline that makes any sense to move to. But if he does it of his own will, it’d be hard pressed to try to use that to segway into a world war hulk story.

Another possibility could be that this is either Ultrons doing, or perhaps Scarlett Witch? How long the twins will be enemies of the avengers is unknown, but if this is happening at the third act it’s safe to assume that the sort of team up will have happened by then. So that leaves ultron, who is definitely smart enough and capable of shooting the strongest being on the planet into space so as not for him to be an asset in the avengers fight against him.

But right now, this is all speculation so none of it really fuckin matters, but it’s still cool to think about. May 2015 seriously can’t come fast enough.

Hello! to anyone that cares, i know i haven’t really been on here much as of lately but i’ve been working and doing some prep for the ol senior year so i haven’t had much time to post

but thank you for everyone who follows even though i’ve been posting nothing lately i know i’m shitty okay i admit it

but yeah idk why i chose to upload a picture of my desktop to this i just organized it and slapped a shiny new wallpaper of aou cap tony and ultron on there and btw cap’s new costume is a yes

i promise i will start posting more :)

thanks guys for 200 followers, I started this never even thinking about getting more than a couple because this is really just me sitting here when I see something I really like and putting it on here just to talk about it. knowing that 200 random people out there get my posts on their dash is pretty cool, and I’d have to say my next goal is to double it :) so you pretty much know who to follow if you like marvel and the avengers like me, js

in honor of shitty ol’ me, here is phase 1 told in gifs, the way it should be

So who’s caught Amazing Spidey 2? I know that he’s not technically a full time Avenger, but he’s a very valued reserve member of the Avengers and a member of the New Avengers. 

This movie, as a movie itself, was sort of a mixed bag for me. There was so much I loved and a little that I think could’ve been done better.

This movie, as a Spider-Man fan? Absolutely the best incarnation of Spider-Man in any movie ever made (sorry Sam, sorry Tobey.) It’s the most faithful to the comics, and Andrew Garfield KILLS it as Peter Parker/Spiderman. I could go on and on about this movie…

But just enjoy these sweet ass gifs in homage to one of the coolest heroes to ever be an Avenger!

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